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The SEO Experiment - December 2012

This is my last post in the “What have I achieved this week” series for 2012 and for that reason, it is going to be more of a “What have I achieved this year”

This year had been a bit of a strange one for me, not only has it gone ridiculously fast; it has also brought about some major changes in my life. In August, I started a new job which requires me to work away from home throughout the week, not an ideal situation but needs must and all that; I’m not going to lie when I say that it’s not easy to spend so much time away from home   but rather than dwell on the negatives, I find it far more beneficial to focus on the positives. The time I am away in the week has given me the opportunity to focus on developing my expertise as an internet entrepreneur / online marketer and find out first hand, if I have what it takes to make it. Time will only tell on that one but I know that I am going to give it my best shot and hopefully, next year will shed some more light on the subject.

Starting a blog or an online business can be a real struggle; a good analogy of the online business model is that of the world’s strongest man competitors’, pulling a train or a jumbo jet, the initial struggle appears to be almost impossible but once it gets going, the momentum seems to takeover and things start to happen. This is exactly how it is with online business, the initial struggle can be physical, mental or even financial but once you get over that barrier, things start to happen. I f I take snapshot in time of myself and apply my situation to this analogy, I would say that I am strapped in with the jumbo jet at my heels and after months of hard work and effort, the immoveable object is just beginning to move, it is by no means in full flow, that is still months down the road but the initial phase has gone to plan.

Now I am a pretty optimistic kind of person and if you asked me, the glass is always half full but I also know when it needs filling up. I could write this post and say, “I have been doing this for nearly 5 months and got almost nowhere” because in comparison with where I want this project to take me, I have not even scratched the surface. But in true SEO Experiment fashion, it’s time to keep moving forward. The following achievements are what I deem to be my most successful this year. They may not seem very big to you but they are to me and I think that it is important to acknowledge your own endeavors from time to time, and what better time than at the end of the year: (not for too long though, there is still much to be done)

  • Starting The SEO Experiment – Day 1, the line in the sand, whatever you want to call it. This was possibly the first proactive step I made towards making money online. Yes I had dabbled in the past but creating this site helped me focus my efforts and begin to channel my efforts in to something productive. Hopefully in a few years I can look back to this point and know that it was when it all started.
  • Made my first £ online – Always a nice feeling and something that any internet marketer will not forget. The day you make your first £ or $ online is the day you start to think that this might actually work. The first truly passive income I made was through the sale of a rabbit hutch via the Amazon affiliate scheme. I profited almost £8 from doing nothing at all and it felt great. I have since sold quite a few more but you always remember your first one.
  • Made my first YouTube video – Don’t think about doing it, just have a go…what’s the worst that can happen. Probably the best piece of advice when it comes to experimenting with other forms of media. I actually quite enjoyed making my videos, especially watching the outtakes and plan to make a lot more in the upcoming year.
  • Launched 3 new websites – I have spent quite a lot of time over the last few months trying to develop and launch 3 new monetised websites. Naturally Grown, UKMA Finder and the UKMA Shop have been the outcome of this work and I am extremely pleased with all 3 sites. There is still so much work to be done and I know that their present form is not good enough but I have carried out a several experiments with landing pages optimisation, CPC campaigns and advertisement. I know what needs to be done; it is now the small matter or executing it.
  • Changed my Focus – When I first started trying to make money online, my focus was only on the profit and I will admit that I approached things in completely the wrong manner; even now I can see things in my current monetised websites that I do not like and plan to change in the near future. Probably the best thing I have heard all year is the following quite “Your earnings are a by-product of how helpful you can be to your audience”. I am currently launching a new project at the moment which is centered on reader value. The site is coming along nicely and to date, has no monetization strategies involved whatsoever.

The achievements outlined above are more like milestones for me on my journey towards a passive income. In my next post I am going to try and map out a few goals and objectives for 2013.

Keep Moving Forward!




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