What have I achieved this week: Week 47, 2012

Week 47This week has seen a pretty dramatic change in focus for me. It is something that I have been planning for quite a while; I have enrolled in a distance learning course centered around Digital Marketing. The course title is CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing and is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). The course is broken down in to 3 specific elements:

  • Digital Marketing Essentials
  • Digital Marketing Planning
  • Marketing & Consumer Behaviour

By completing this course I hope to gain a better understanding of Digital Marketing from more of a business perspective. I believe that the work I will undertake will vastly improve the work I am carrying out within  The SEO Experiment. It will also help me to provide my readers with a better working methodology towards Digital Marketing

As always, I will providing as much transparency to my efforts as possible.

This week I have also been working quite closely with Google AdWords campaigns, I will be completing a detailed report on my findings in the near future but for now, I can tell you that it has not been as successful as I had hoped but I have learnt some valuable information from it. #keepmovingforward

Short Post this week but i’m sure you can appreciate, I have got work to do!

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