What have I achieved this week: Week 46, 2012

Week 46This week has seen a major event take place within my online empire and before I go in to further detail, I can assure you it is not a welcome event.

Over the weekend I was just about to log on to my Martial Arts Equipment website to add some information to a product I am advertising, when to my horror, I was unable to log in to my website – I had what is commonly known as the WordPress White Screen of Death. The functionality of my website remained but I was no longer able to log in and administer the site.

The cause of the problem still remains a mystery to me but as a precaution, I have changed all of the security parameters pertaining to the site, just in case it was indeed malicious activity that was the cause.

This event was potentially crippling to my online activities, the thought that the site was no longer in my control would have rendered months of work practically useless and began to make feel a little nauseous. There is however, a good ending to this story, the site is back online after only about 4 hours of work to restore it. In my day job I am an IT Security Specialist and amongst other things, it has been my job over the last 10 years to ensure the availability of the IT systems I have managed. Part of these duties have involved regular backups of all data systems within the network environment, and let me tell you, I have had my fair share of disasters simply because backups have failed to run. It is this that probably prompted me to do this but I have been taking weekly backups of my websites since I began The SEO Experiment, and it has already proved itself to be invaluable to me.

If you are not taking regular backups of your website you are taking a serious risk over it’s integrity and future. I cannot stress how important this is, and the further you get down the line with your project, the more important it becomes. Whether it is at the end of a busy week or before a WordPress database upgrade, you must ensure that you are creating snapshots of your website. As I was always taught in the IT industry, There is no movement without cover. Basically what this means is that you should not carry out any work on an IT system unless you are confident that you can restore it to its original state, should you need to.

Once I had resolved this problem, I then proceeded to my other sites to ensure full functionality and began changing the associated credentials.

This week I have also been relatively active creating YouTube videos for The SEO Experiment. I have a number in progress and have also managed to publish one on the Subject of Shopperpress and how easy it is to import affiliate products from Amazon using the import tool.

I have made a few more affiliate sales through Amazon on both my UKMA Shop and Naturally Grown. Nothing that is going to set the world on fire but enough to make feel like it is well worth the effort to carry on.

AdSense has been a bit slower for me of late and is something that I am currently looking in to. I think the main thing to do if you are ever in this situation is take a step back and just think about things. Do not make any rash decisions. I have had moments where I have wanted to just buy pure traffic and have always decided against it. Hopefully the rewards will pay off one day!

I have again been focusing a lot of my time on product optimisation. Historically, I have always opted to use Web CEO, it is a great product but lately I have been using the Google keyword tool within AdWords. I have found that it is, on the whole, a better product for finding longtail keywords.


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