What have I achieved this week: Week 45, 2012

Week 45In a week which has seen presidential elections in both China and the USA, I have been plugging away at my online empire with a feeling of insignificance at a time when we remember those who gave their lives for our future.

It is indeed Remembrance day in the UK on the 11th November as we mark the anniversary of the end of the First World War and pay tribute to the soldiers who fell.

So what have I achieved this week?

Well, to be honest, its been one of those weeks where I do not feel like I have achieved much. While I have been extremely busy writing articles and improving product promotion within my sites I do not have a great deal to show for it. For those of you who are familiar with Internet Marketing will be aware that the things you do today are likely to take time before you start seeing a return.

Rather than detailing every single article and product I have been working on I am going to take this opportunity to outline the process I have been using to promote my products.

Step 1 – Choose a product

There are many ideologies around product promotion. Most intenret marketers will tell you to focus on only a few products at a time or to only promote products that you have used yourself. While I agree with this elements of this approach, it is not how I have been approaching things of late. The sites I have been working on are what I like to call UltraNiches ( my definition of an UltraNiche website is one which is home to many niches, everything under one roof, if you like). Within my site I run Google Analytics as well as a hit counter on each product page; based on the results from these two features I can determine which non optimised products are receiving the most visits and would benefit from a little marketing assistance.

Step 2 – Find a Niche

I like to pick the product before I pick the niche, there is nothing wrong in doing things the other way round but I find that it saves time doing things this way. When I have my product I will use both Web CEO and Google Keyword tool to find longtail keywords which I can see value in. A lot of this is instinctive but there is always statistical information to back it up. At the end of this process should aim to have 2 or 3 longtail keywords which you can then try to target.

Step 3 – Create Content

Write a 500 word article which is related to your product. This can seem quite daunting at first but I assure you it gets easier the more you do it. The way I approach this task is to create 10, 50 word paragraphs. Carry out some basic research on your subject matter (Wikipedia is always a good starting point) and create 10 bullet points which you feel are most relevant to your article. In your own words expand on these points and create an article which has a clear purpose and will provide value to it’s reader. Upon creation of the base article you will then proceed to create 4 different versions of the article. This can be a tricky thing to do so I use a product called The Best Spinner; it is a synonym replacement tool which is great for providing uniqueness to text. At the end of this stage you should have 4 different versions along with your original article, 3 of which will be used  within UAW and the other 2 will be used on your filter sites. For information on filter sites, see part 2 of my backlinking strategy

Step 4 – Optimise your product page

This is your chance to convince your customer to buy the product. Just because you are trying to sell an affiliate product it does not mean you can not be creative with your marketing efforts. On page SEO will play a big part of this so with your keywords in mind, use your H1,H2 and H3 tags, think about your keyword density, use image alt tags effectively, highlight important words in bold…all of those things you read about in SEO books, they do actually make a difference. Be creative throughout this step and push your boundaries, you do not have a divine right to make a sale…you have got to earn it

Step 5 – Create your filters

Your filters sites are designed to provide a tiered approach to link building. Rather than create hundreds of links to your product page, we will only be creating 2 or 3. The links on these pages / posts are going to use the longtail keywords you identified in step 2 as anchor text and directly link to your products.

Step 6 – Link to your Filters

If you have UAW then use it to create an article submission with the content you created in step 3. Do not overuse your primary keyword set in your resource box and do not link to your product page directly. Social bookmarking can also be used to create links to your filter site. This process will aim to create hundreds of links to your filter site.

Step 7 – Wait, Watch, Learn

You have done the hard work but that does not mean there is nothing more to do. Using your analytics tools and your affiliate reports (if applicable) you can begin to monitor the success of your actions. Do not be to hasty to decide that things have not worked. Give them time but if you do think a change would be beneficial then go for it.

My week has largely been filled with repeating steps 1 – 6 for several of my affiliate products. Hopefully the coming weeks will prove these actions to be successful.

Naturally Grown has continued to produce a steady amount of affiliate sales with a few new products attracting interest as a result of the work I carried out previously. This process does work!



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