What have I achieved this week: Week 44, 2012

Week 44 2012 Site UpdateThis is the first post I am writing in my new “What have I achieved this week” series.
I am creating this feature for 2 reasons:

  1. It helps me keep track of all of the things I have done recently – As an Internet marketer, your time is your most valuable asset. Keeping track of your time and careful project management is vital if you are going to be successful. I always start my day by asking “What am I doing today” I rarely stick to it and always deviate but I do try.
  2. I want to provide more transparency to my projects - I am currently working 5-6 hours a night on my online projects and struggling to take the time to document my actions. By setting aside some time each week I will be able to provide the level of transparency that I originally intended.

So let’s dive straight in there,

I am currently working on 4 main websites, in order of most work carried out this week:

Naturally Grown LogoNaturally Grown

This week has seen a huge amount of time spent on increasing my product range and creating a marketing strategy to start championing the products advertised within.

I have added a whole new Petting & Wildlife section to the site which is basically a comprehensive Pet Shop. I have added almost 800 products to the site. Now, most Internet Marketers will tell you to focus on 2 maybe 3 products tops. As I do not yet have any real evidence to prove that this is going to pay off, I am just going to take a leap of faith and share the results anyway. I think it was Gandhi who said something along the lines of “Everything we do in life is insignificant, but we should keep on doing it anyway” not sure if that is the exact quote, but that is what stuck with me.

I have also created a new marketing strategy for Naturally Grown based on factual information. Using the information from my site hit counter and analytics software, I have been tracking the most visited products on my site. These products are the ones I am going to focus my marketing efforts on first. Again using my analytics software, I can make an educated assumption on the specific longtail keyphrase a customer has entered to find my product. I have then been running this keyphrase through Web CEO to find other potential niches  before creating unique articles, spinning them and submitting them through Unique Article Wizard (Remember to point any links to your filter sites.

For a more in depth overview of the process, take a quick look at my Backlinking Strategy for the UKMA Finder.

The SEO Experiment LogoThe SEO Experiment

This week I have been creating YouTube videos and publishing them on The SEO Experiment YouTube Channel. Although pretty daunting at first, this is actually an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding medium to promote your website. I am planning to create a lot of videos in the near future; not just for the sake of creating links to my site but I know that when I was learning Internet Marketing, Videos were by far the most useful resources. I am starting with Web CEO video tutorials but there is definitely more to come so watch this space.

UKMA Finder LogoUK Martial Arts Finder

Work is still ongoing to populate the directory. It is rapidly approaching 2000 entries. I am currently in the process of developing an on site SEO strategy for all of my listing. I will try and automate the majority of this process but it is going to be lengthy and terribly repetitive, but this is what has got to be done.

It is interesting actually, although I am as motivated as ever to make this successful, I now find that I am inspired by the effort already committed to the project.

Activity on this site is slowly ramping down for the time being while I focus on The SEO Experiment and Naturally Grown. It is now in a little phase I like to “The SEO Catch Up Phase” during this phase a lot can happen because of the amount of sheer content I have uploaded of late. I am hoping that the next few weeks will provide me with a clear plan of action regarding this particular site.


Similarly to the work I have been doing on Naturally Grown, I have spent quite a bit of time optimising some of the products towards longtail keywords and creating links via my filter sites. This is going to be the way of things with this site for the foreseeable future.

General / AOB

  • This week sore my first £100+ sale through Amazon. Although the comission is not great, I am absolutely thrilled to bits with the sale!
  • I have been experimenting with Camtasia screen-casting software this week. I have used Adobe Captivate previously and have nothing but good things to say about it. Camtasia is a brilliant product and simple to use. Trial are available for both products so give them both a go and select the best one for you based on cost and usability.






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