Ways to make Money online

Making money online

When I first started to entertain the idea of becoming an Internet entrepreneur I would sit at my computer simply starring at the screen, waiting for my Einstein moment to present itself. Occasionally I would set of on a google Make money onlinejourney in search of inspiration, this would often lead to inspiring stories of how others had “made it.” Reading their tales I would feel nothing but admiration for the individuals who had turned mouse clicks in to millions.

For countless nights I continued to read about Internet marketing success stories and for some reason I would think to myself that I was achieving something. After digesting a few more success stories and several hours reading marketing forums I decided to do something for myself and actually have a go, but where to start?

I have always been a fan of mind maps; spilling the contents of your mind on to a piece of paper is a perfect way to gather your thoughts and visualise a path forward. After reading many posts about ways to make money online I felt aware of numerous techniques and strategies. Many of these strategies, I felt, were out of my depth so I began to collate a mind map of what I thought were achievable methods for me to generate revenue online.

Ways I can make money online

Ways I can make money online

The mind map above is a digram of the online strategies which I feel I am currently capable of delivering. There will hopefully com a time when I can enhance my skills and venture into different areas of online business.

What have I learnt from doing this?

I like to think that each of my exercises have purpose. I am the kind of person who needs to know how and why something works; I cannot accept functionality at face value; below are the key points I have learnt from completing this exercise:

  • It is important to approach your online business with professionalism and method, carrying out simple yet effective planning exercises will allow you to establish clear and achievable goals.
  • Other marketers can be of incredible use. Learning about past experiences, successes and failures can be invaluable but it is imperative that you play to your own strengths and devise a plan to make money online based around your strengths

Having completed my mind mapping exercise I had identified a few possible avenues to explore:

  • Affiliate Websites – exploring niche markets and monetising websites using affiliate programs and advertising streams.
  • SEO & Internet Marketing Services – Increasing my portfolio and experience in this field will be extremely beneficial in the future.
  • Selling digital products – I want to create Ebooks and publications. That, I’m afraid is all I can say at this point because I am uncertain of the direction to take this initiative. Watch this space!

If you are serious about making a successful online business there will come a time when you start to take things a bit more seriously. Do not rush into things and live to regret them at a later date; plan carefully, explore all of the various ways to make money online and streamline your efforts in a way which makes best use of your most valuable asset…You!

Look out for my next article where I will be exploring the many different methods used to discover the perfect niche.


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