UK Martial Arts Finder – Overview

I would like to welcome you to my first documented online project. The UK Martial Arts Project, or as I like to call it the The UKMAP.

UK Martial Arts Project

In this post I am going to share with you a basic overview of my project before I start really drilling into some of the key elements. I feel it is important to outline your intentions before the project takes off so that you can stay aligned to your primary goal.


The UK Martial Arts Project or UKMAP is the first project I will by fully documenting as part of The SEO Experiment. My goal is to design a web design methodology which focuses on monetisation and the UKMAP is my first experiment. In my earlier post Choosing the right niche I stated my opinion that in order to make a niche website work, you need to have a an affinity with the subject matter. In my subsequent post, Niche Ideas, I carried out a short exercise to generate ideas for a potential online project. I am a Martial Arts enthusiast and regularly practice numerous different styles, this was always going to be a strong candidate for an online project which I could pursuit.

Niche Project

My understanding of the term “niche” is a gap in the market, an unrivalled industry with the potential to capitalise on the absence of competition. When I first set about this project I purposely ignored all other potential competitors and their work. My intention is to create something which will withstand the test of time and grow into a respectable business, why should I care what others are doing when I have the motivation to make my website the best it can be. Is this the right thing to do, who knows, but I never look back at decisions with regret, I only ever regret the times I fail to act.

While I am not classing this online project as a niche just yet, I fully expect a few niche markets to arise as I obtain invaluable market research from my project. This project is going to be dynamic and although I have already put a lot of into planning I want it’s progression to have an element of spontaneity about it. I want the progression to be results driven and not on personal preference.


Having decided on Martial Arts as my subject matter I wanted to come up with a way to monetise it. Martial Arts equipment was the very first thing I thought of and instantly decided to create an affiliate website which would specialise in that very subject. Again I could spend hours researching keywords and looking at possible niches to enter into, but I am not going to just yet. My train of thought here is; build it, monitor it and learn from it. The only issue that I had with this approach was that I was going to be missing out on a great deal of informational traffic unless I made a conscious effort to capture it. Informational searches are basically when someone is trying to find an answer to something and currently contribute to about 85% of all Internet traffic (not something you want to ignore as a budding Internet Entrepreneur). After a few hours deliberation I came up with a directory idea. If anyone in the UK wants to know where their nearest Martial Arts club is, I want to be there with the answer. The scale of this project instantly took a turn towards huge and with an estimated 2000+ plus clubs in the UK. I had work to do. I am not intimidated by workload but I did deliberate over this for quite some time, I finally decided to go with it. It was the only combination of sites where I was satisfied that I could succeed. The UK Martial Arts Finder will be my assault on the informational market. I will utilise Advertising heavily on this site. Pay Per Click (PPC) at first but it is my intention to turn this into a premium listing service once it has become successful. The UK Martial Arts Online Shop will be a sub domain of my directory and will be used to draw in transactional revenue from affiliate schemes with a small overlap on advertising. That is the plan!

If you buil it they will come

If you build it, they will come!  Not likely! I firmly believe that the success of my project will come down to marketing. Can I market the project well enough to attract not only sheer volume of traffic but the right traffic?. I plan to use SEO to focus on organic rankings and an Internet Marketing campaign which utilises article marketing, video marketing, social media and blogging. I will be releasing detailed posts surrounding all of these subjects in the future, this is still only the overview.

The sheer volume of content and pages dictated the need for a Content Management System within my 2 sites. Since I was already familiar with WordPress I decided to set about searching for themes which would facilitate an informative directory and an affiliate website. I came across Premiumpress after reading about it on an Internet marketing forum. The 2 themes I am going to use for my project are Directorypress and Shopperpress. Again I will provide more detail about these 2 extremely useful themes in future posts.

There you go, that is the overview of my project. A summary of my ideas can be found below:

  • Martial Arts is the subject
  • 2 pronged attack
  • 1 website is an informative directory of known clubs and classes over the UK. Revenue will be generated through advertising initially and listing fees is a potential option once successful
  • 1 website is an affiliate site designed to generate revenue through sales
  • Both websites will be constructed using WordPress themes from Premiumpress
  • Marketing attempts will comprise of SEO, Article Marketing, Videos, Blogging and Social Media

I am very excited about this project. At the time of writing this post, the project is still in its infancy. I will relay any success  (if any) as and when it comes. Progress is a slow process but I feel like I am actually going somewhere now. Watch this space!

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