The UKMA Finder – Backlinking Strategy part 3

Final Piece of the PuzzleSo this is the last piece of the backlinking puzzle and although it is possibly the simplest step, it is probably the most important.

In part 2 of my backlinking strategy, I provided you with some information on why I have created filter websites; just to recap, filter websites are used to create a buffer between your backlinking strategy and your main website. Creating hundreds of hyperlinks over a short space of time is not going to do you any favours with search engines so by adding in this layer you are creating a system which sits somewhere in the middle of SEO friendly and link building strategy.

Now that we have our filter layer in place, it is time to start linking to your main site, I will be providing a list of dos and donts at the end of this post but it is important that you do not create too many links all at once. Doing this will negate the effort you have put in to build this link building machine.

Before I am going to go through the finer points of this link building process. I am just going to show you exactly what I mean.

Non UKMA Finder Related Example:

I have a product which I want to promote on my Naturally Grown Website. The link to this product can be found here. It is a Rabbit Hutch.

Rather than create an article for UAW and direct all of my resource box links directly to this page, as well as social bookmarking; I am going to direct them here. To a page on my WordPress blog which contains unique content regarding rabbits.

The page on my WordPress blog contains 5 links to my Naturally Grown website and products featured within. I have carried out market research through Web CEO and came up with 4 longtail keywords which I think hold potential value. I can reveal that only 3 days after implementing this page, I sold my first £100+ product through Amazon, and it was indeed a Double Decker Rabbit Hutch.

Multiply this theory across all of your products and all of your filter sites and you will start build up quite a lot of interest towards your site.

UKMA Backlinking Strategy

If we again take a quick look at my 3 filter sites, you will notice that they are not loaded with links.Truth be told, there are probably too many on there already and nowhere near enough content but that is something I am currently working on.

UKMA Finder WordPress Site

UKMA Finder Blogger Site

UKMA Squidoo Lens

One Way TrafficWhat I have done on each of these sites is created routes to my landing pages. Prior to their existence, the only way to get to my site was by direct URL or search engine placement from the pages themselves. Think of your site as a major town or city, you want as many roads coming in to your city as possible to attract tourism. Some of them are going to be small back streets and some are going to be motorways, either way they all bring potential customers to your doorstep. There will always be times when you are driving when you see another car approaching and think to yourself “who could be driving on this road at this time”, similarly with your website, you will be surprised at the random routes people take to your site. That’s enough analogies for now, I’m getting confused myself

The links on your filter sites should be the keywords which you think will have the most potential to earn from. Starting of with longtail keywords is a very good idea until your site gets more attention. These sites are going to be populated with lots of unique content so it stands to reason that they themselves will start attracting visitors; I see no real reason why you cannot monetise your filter sites also, it would be a wasted opportunity if you did not.

So that is pretty much it for now on my backlinking strategy. I plan to update these posts as and when I update my strategies. SEO is dynamic and you need to be equally dynamic; just because something works today does not mean it will work tomorrow.

Your comments / critique on this subject are more than welcome. Just because you have read it here does not mean it is gospel. Question everything, extract what is pertinent to you and your site and implement.

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