The UKMA Finder – Backlinking Strategy part 2

Straight in with this one…

In part 1 of my backlinking strategy, I outlined the fundamental elements of the submission layer. I explained how I would be creating many inbound links through the use of Social Bookmarking and Article submission. In this post I will be taking this step  a little further and showing you what I will be doing with these links.

UKMA Backlinking Strategy

Search Engine algorithms are very complex and extremely intelligent. No one is completely aware of how search engines score ranking factors, but real world experience has taught us that creating hundreds of links to a brand new website is one of the quickest ways to get yourself on the wrong side of search engines, and in this business, that is tantamount to Hari Kari.

A hyperlink is a modern day vote of appreciation for your website and its content. The recommended process is to let inbound links occur naturally over time; it therefore stands to reason that if a new website all of a sudden starts to accrue hundreds of inbound links, something maybe untoward. Google in particular is especially intuitive to this kind of behaviour and in an attempt to provide the searcher with the best possible search result, they will actively weed out the perceived “spammy site” in an instant.

To avoid this unwanted action, I will only be creating 5-10 direct links to my landing page.

Note: A landing page is a page where you have intentionally directed users to as it contains a specific call to action. Many sites miss out on sales opportunities as too many of their visitors enter their website on a page with no real direction to spend.

Each of these direct links will contain my primary keyword set. The direct links will be created on 3 separate sites which I have created as part of my filter layer. The links from the social bookmarking and article submission will then be aimed at the 3 sites within the filter layer and will focus on longer tailed keywords.

Filter Layer Explained

The reason I am carrying out the process in this way is that the 3 filter sites are well established and it will not appear suspicious if hundreds of links suddenly appear to them.

The 3 sites I am using in my filter layer are as follows:

  • – allows you to create a free blog which takes the form of a sub-domain of The site hosts hundreds of thousands of different blogs and is currently a Google PageRank 9 site.

Note: Google PageRank is a 0 to 10 ranking system which Google issues to websites based in importance. 10 is the highest. Current PR10 sites include Adobe, Apple, Microsoft and NASA to name but a few. As you can see, Big Hitters! I do not pay much attention to PageRank; I feel it is more of a status thing,but as it is a Google implemented technology; it stands to reason that it is used as a ranking factor

  • Blogspot – Like WordPress, Blogspot allows you to create a sub-domain for your website. The service used to edit this blog is called Blogger and is owned by Google themselves.
  • Squidoo – Squidoo, again offers the same basic functionality of the 2 sites mentioned above. They do differ in terminology; within Squidoo you create lenses. A lens is basically a personalised page which can  be populated with all sorts of content and interactivity. Squidoo is currently a Google PR7 site.

This is by no means the golden list, there are other sites you can harness and it does not have to be limited to 3 sites; to ease administration I am sticking to 3 but feel free to create more!

Some of the other good websites you can create free blogs / pages are:

  • Tumblr
  • Live Journal
  • Typepad
  • Yahoo Pulse
  • MySpace

There are others but I do not want to give you too many avenues to pursuit. One of my main pet hates on the internet is too much choice. I love Photoshop and am always looking for new templates and ideas. The worst page to come across will be called something along the lines of “37 great WordPress templates”, I mean seriously…One great one will do!

So lets just take a quick look at what I have done for The UKMA Finder:

I have created 3 filter sites which can be viewed by clicking on the following links:

UKMA Finder WordPress Site

UKMA Finder Blogger Site

UKMA Squidoo Lens

As you can see by visiting these 3 sites, they are nothing special to look at. Each one took me about an hour to create, and I will be honest about this, you can tell. The real value in having these sites is when you start adding meat to the bones and populating it with unique content. This is the reason why I will be limiting the number of filter sites to 3, when you start applying the backlinking strategy it quickly becomes a bit of an admin nightmare, so stay organised and apply some basic project management

That is pretty much it for part 2 of the strategy. I could really go deep into this subject but I do not feel it is necessary. If you strip back the whys and whatfors you are simply creating a presence on well known websites that you can direct your mass link building strategies towards.

Look out for part 3 of my backlinking strategy!



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