The Niche Website Challenge: A Slight Change…

A Slight ChangeA Slight Change…

It has been quite a while since I posted an update to my niche website challenge but I assure you it is not through lack of interest. I have continued to create content for my website on a regular basis but there is something that has been eating away at me. In my previous post, I revealed the URL of my new website - towards the end of this post I had already expressed a level of concern about the domain name being too “spammy” and somewhat limiting to the nature of my project. I am now going to promote my original concern in to a full blown mistake and admit that I got things dead wrong…

Look at the bigger picture

It is not uncommon to come across Internet Marketers who have fallen out of love with their projects but it is important to recognise this early on and take the necessary action. You have a blank canvas when you create a website and often what is in your head will become distorted once delivered in to reality. The goal is to create a website that you enjoy working on and not something that feels like a chore – this way it will be easier to keep coming back to add content / make better!

When I decided on the subject matter for my niche challenge, I was largely influenced by my interest in Graphic Design. Somewhere in the back of my mind there were plans for a successful Design blog but for some reason I decided to focus solely on Graphics Tablets. It is surprising how quickly the Internet Marketing bug can take over and cloud your judgement. Before I realised it, I had registered a domain name and came up with a website which was never ever going to be anything more than a Graphics Tablet Review website.

In 1995 Jeff Bezos went live with The site was originally used as an online book store but has since become the biggest online retailer in the world. If Jeff Bezos had of used my train of thought he would have registered and placed massive limitations on his business. I am not suggesting that my project is going to be as big as Amazon but removing the constraints I had placed on it gives it more of a fighting chance…Many successful Internet Marketers talk about building a brand and I think I am starting to understand what they mean.

Another reason why I have decided to make a change is based on career choice. I recently started making money through a website called Design Crowd – the idea is that people submit a project to the site and an allocated budget. Designers from all over the world submit their designs and the selected winner is awarded the fee. Although this is not the most sustainable business model you will ever read about, I do think it is a good way to get some exposure to design and start building your client portfolio. Anyway I submitted a few designs and actually won a $200 project – this got me thinking and the thought of a life where I could carry out a couple of logo designs each week and earn decent money was very appealing. The fact that my design won the project made me feel like a real designer so I want to see how far I can take it. 

The Redesign

So I have decided to rebrand my original website and take the scope of the site in a slightly different direction. I will still be trying to make affiliate sales from design related products but that will only be a small part of the overall project. The aim is to create a Design website which will also act as my online portfolio – I am starting to look more in to the world of paid Graphic design and believe that this could be a great opportunity to combine work with enjoyment.

Creative PSD

My new website is called Creative PSD and is going to be my graphic design journal as I try and carve out a new career in the world of design. My intentions are to showcase my latest designs and portfolio pieces as well as produce detailed video tutorials within software such as Photoshop, illustrator and Flash etc. – this is something that I really enjoy doing and hopefully can put it to good use on my new site.

I am still very much in the content creation stage at present but will be posting statistics and figures in the near future. I am currently planning a major outreach once I am happy with the foundation information on my site. This is going to be a huge part of my marketing strategy and something which I plan to cover in great detail inside a future post…

Getting Back On Track

To a certain extent, I do feel like the wheels had come off a little bit for this project but making this change has most certainly had a positive effect on me. I never lost interest in the graphics tablet website but did get the feeling that it was leading me down a blind alley. My new website will allow me to venture in to wider markets and create more opportunities in the future.

Although I have admitted to making a mistake in this challenge I also feel like I have made great progress. The ability to learn from mistakes is an essential part of internet marketing and something you should not feel ashamed to admit to. One of my favourite quotes is from the film National Treasure and it fits quite well here…

You know, Thomas Edison tried and failed nearly 2,000 times to develop the carbonized cotton-thread filament for the incandescent light bulb. And when asked about it, he said “I didn’t fail; I found out 2,000 ways how not to make a light bulb

With this in mind I will continue on my challenge safe in the knowledge that a website just for Graphics Tablets is not something I will try again…



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