Taking on the Angry Birds

Angry Birds Star WarsThis little project is something that I have wanted to do for a while now but have only just got round to starting it recently. It all started about 3 years ago when I first came across Angry Birds…

I am not sure whether I love the game or hate it with a passion but either way, I am addicted to it and always find myself having a quick go :)

Whilst playing a few years back, I got stuck on a particular level and just could not get them 3 stars (my OCD kicks in at this point and will never move on to another level until I have got my 3 stars), so in my plight to attain perfection, I decided to cheat a bit and took to YouTube to find the answer. On my arrival to YouTube, I found hundreds of video tutorials and walkthroughs providing information on how to get 3 stars on various different Angry Birds levels; not only were there lots of videos…the amount of views they were getting was well in to the hundreds of thousands and even millions. The first thing I thought was “I could do that” and after nearly 3 years, I have.

Angry Birds Star Wars is the latest edition of the Angry Birds so I thought that it would be a good idea to start with this one just to see how much traction I get.

So far I have uploaded 41 videos to my Angry Birds YouTube Channel and below is a sneak preview of one of my videos.

At the minute, I have undertaken this project as a bit of fun. The videos are monetised through AdSense on YouTube but at this moment in time, there is no real plan to take it any further than this but who knows (Watch this Space) no pun intended :)


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