Rabbit Hutches, Shopperpress and Longtail Keywords

Shopperpress WordPress ThemeAs I have mentioned in many of my previous posts, several of my niche websites have been built using the Shopperpress WordPress theme. Shopperpress offers an online shopping cart facility which can be used to sell digital and physical products. The theme offers extremely high customisation and a great API to automatically import affiliate products directly in to your site.

I could literally go on and on about the cool features within this theme, however I want to discuss something specific within this post and that is Longtail Keywords.

What are Longtail Keywords

If you are not familiar with longtail keywords then here is a quick overview and example to explain.

If, like me, you maintain a website which promotes Martial Arts Equipment you will find that the keyphrase “Martial Arts Equipment”  is extremely competitive and takes a lot of work to rank highly due to the amount of competition in the market. One way to make avenues in to this market is by using longtail keywords. One of the most successful products on my Martial Arts website is a set of Ladies Pink Muay Thai Ankle Supports, I have highlighted this specific term beacause this is the search criteria used by customers to find the product on my page. That there is your longtail keyword. In essence a longtail keyword is an extension of your main keyword set, yes it will attract less traffic, but reduced competition means that you will be able to compete for it more easily, especially when your site is in its infancy.

So how can Shopperpress, a WordPress them help you on your quest.

The Shopperpress theme has a very good overview feature within the wordpress dashboard, as you can see below. It allows you to see which of your products attracts the most attention, kind of like a hit vounter but better.

shopperpress Hit Count

The above image is a screeshot from my Naturally Grown Website.

Lets just explore another real example for a moment. The last item I sold on this website was the Extra Large Rabbit / Guinea Pig Hutch for £89.99 via Amazon, as seen in the image above.

When I saw that I had sold this item, it got me thinking. How did the customer found my site? and what search criteria did they use to land on my page?.

Analytics Light the Way

Using  a combination of Google Analytics and Shopperpress I was able to narrow down the search criteria and come to the decision that the most likely search criteria was “Extra Large Rabbit Hutch and Run”. Now you may argue that I could just have checked my affiliate login to see that the item had been purchased without the use of Shopperpress, but that will only monitor converted sales whereas with Shopperpress you can keep track of your most visited products.

Taking this on just a little further. I can clearly see that I am ranking relatively well for the longtail keyword mentioned above. It is only natural to want to explore this further and see if there is an opportunity to increase sales and revenue. To do this I will now take to Web CEO to take a look at further areas within this niche.

For more information on Web CEO, check out my Web CEO Video Tutorials

Web CEO for Longtail Keywords

Using the software I can see that there is a great deal of potential if I were to launch an internet marketing campaign towards “Rabbit Hutches” or “Rabbit Hutches for Sale” or “Large Rabbit Hutches”

In just a few clicks I have now found a new niche to explore which I never would have thought of leveraging on before. Do this across a few more of your products and you will soon build up quite an action list for marketing campaigns.

I have carried out this process using tools that I have purchased. It was not the main reason I bought them in the first place but they are nice little extras that I have found through using them. I am not for one minute suggesting that you rush out and spend money on them too. There are free tools which will achieve this, maybe not as quickly but nevertheless it can be achieved.

What I like most about this process is that you are carrying out the keyword research and analysing statistics based on factual information, from your own website, there is very little speculation in this process. It is also good at getting you in the mindset that a single sale is not good enough. Each time you sell something through one of your affiliate websites, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How did the customer find my web page?
  • Can I reach more customers?
  • Is there an opportunity to expand on this sale?

Flowing Water never goes Stale

You have got to be relentless in your thought process when it comes to internet marketing. Failure to keep evolving and adapting can lead to a drop in earnings as others around you will continue being creative.

Bit of a roller coaster post  but I hope you managed to extract some useful information.

Look out for my Shopperpress video, coming soon!




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