The Niche Website Challenge

niche website challengeAround about the time I first got in to Internet Marketing, there were some extremely cool things taking place which would have a huge effect on the future of niche websites and ultimately the next year of my life.

The most significant event for me was that Pat Flynn was just getting his Niche Site Duel under way along with Tyrone Shum. Now to say say that these guys are a big deal is an understatement; when it comes to Internet Marketing, they are like “Ron Burgundy big deal” and I do not say that lightly…Both Pat and Tyrone have built extremely successful careers making money online and if I am honest, went a long way to convincing me that online income was not just a pipe dream. For many months I followed the progress of the Niche Site Duel reading every piece of information I could get my hands on and learning the basics of website monetisation.

Fast forward many months and I am still an avid listener of Pat Flynn’s SPI podcasts along with many other big names within the Internet Marketing arena such as Spencer Haws to name but one.

My Niche Website Challenge

To get to the point of this post is that I am starting a Niche Website Challenge which coincides with new challenges from both Spencer Haws and Pat Flynn. The truth of the matter is that since the first Niche Site Duel back in August 2010, a lot has changed on the Internet and the world of search is a very different place. Changes to Google algorithms have sent tremors through the Internet Marketing industry with Panda and Penguin updates reducing people’s online income by up to 95%.

Some of the tactics employed in 2010 to rank a site at the top of Google will not work today and many people have learnt this lesson the hard way. What I am going to do is to carry out my own challenge along side some of these IM moguls to see how easy it is to take a website from zero hero. While I have carried out experiments like this in the past, I am going to be dedicating all of my time and effort in to this project in order to make it succeed. If there is one thing I have been guilty of in the past, is spreading myself across too many different projects all at once but I hope to correct that with this project.

As with my other project, I will be documenting this entire process on The SEO Experiment for you to see its progression.

Niche Website Challenge HQ

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Look out for my next post where I will be looking in to keyword research and starting to draw up ideas for my Niche Website Challenge.

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