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I have recently been working on one of my so called Niche websites, Naturally Grown, when it suddenly occurred to me that it is not a Niche at all. To me, the term Niche suggests there is a business opportunity to capitalise on a gap in the market.

Naturally Grown is by no means a niche website; there are hundreds if not thousands of Gardening stores scattered about and even more pet shops. So what is the point I hear you ask…I will be honest, I have asked myself the same question about this site on more than one occasion but recent events have led me to believe that there is a purpose for this site and that I can turn it in to something profitable.

I am not concentrating on one niche with this site, it is actually closer to one thousand. I view every single product on my website as a chance to create a niche within a niche and then earn from it.

for example:

One of the product categories on my website is Water Sprinklers; I am simply listing products which fall under this category and I feel it would be slightly naive to think that I would be able compete within this market without creating an authoritative website, it’s just not going to happen. Where I feel I can make an impact on the market is targeting niches within water sprinklers:

Adjustable Rotating Sprinklers

Adjustable Oscillating Sprinkler

360 Degree Rotating Sprinkler

Although the 3 potential search terms above are not going to attract as much traffic as the keyphrase “Water Sprinklers” I am going to stand a much better chance of ranking for them.

Now multiply this theory across my entire product line and I hope you can begin to see the opportunity.


So if it is not a Niche site then what is it…essentially it has the same objectives as a niche website, but it is more like a platform to launch multiple niches. I am going to champion a new name for my site model and that is UltraNiche. I might be reinventing the wheel with this one and apologies if I am.

This all stems from the fact that I never really know how to classify my Naturally Grown website. People will ask, “is it a Niche site” and I answer “kind of” but when trying to pin point the specific niche I really struggle in giving an answer. I have never heard the term UltraNiche website before but I think it fits my site brilliantly so I’m using it.

When it comes to Internet Marketing, I feel it is much better to be a big fish in a small pond. Small fish in the ocean just get overlooked!

That’s it for this post. Only thing left to note is that I will now be referring to Naturally Grown as my UltraNiche website.

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