Let Facts Dictate Your Actions

I am constantly faced with the dilemma of knowing which products to focus my marketing efforts towards. Depending on the make up of your site there will be different ways of approaching this. Do you focus on the products which are getting the most hits, the ones which get the least, the most expensive and so on. Recently I have been using a different method to determine my next victim, and that is fact!

I am a big fan of the Amazon affiliate program, I use it heavily on a few of my sites. The referral rate may not be the best on the market but their product base is the best available and their reputation goes a long way to making the sale.

The feature I would like to focus on within this post is based on facts and actual data taken from your website. Within your Amazon affiliate page you can view customisable reports based on clicks and orders from your tracking code. One area of interest to me is the clicks with no orders section:

Amazon Orders

In the image above you can see a few of the items that I have sold recently and more importantly, the items which were clicked but not sold. What this basically means is that I have failed to convert these clicks. I will have to remedy this in the near future but for the purpose of this article I am going to overlook my failure to convert.

Drawing the positives from this report there are a few things that we can deduce:

  • Someone actually found the item so I know that the SEO is working to some extent.
  • Finding the route that brought the visitor to the site is the key to attracting more visitors
  • More clicks means more potential to sell

The second and third points in this list, I admit are no brainers; the first point however, Is a very promising concept. The fact that someone found the page is encouraging and makes me think that with a bit more on page SEO and some external marketing I could drive a few more visitors to my landing page.

So that is how I am currently choosing products to focus my marketing efforts towards. Other than the fact that you are improving your chances of converting pages which you know are receiving some attention, you are starting to address any potential issues which have lead to failed conversions.


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