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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing a websites rankings within search engines by employing the methods outlined by the search engines themselves. There are many reports, guides and tutorials available which claim to have all the answers. The truth is that only search engines themselves hold the answers and know the intricate workings of their own algorithms.

At The SEO Experiment you will only ever be encouraged to learn SEO by using methods encouraged by the search engines themselves. We will never advocate the use of black hat methods or any action that may have a negative impact on rankings. You may have heard about the latest algorithm update from Google, “Penguin” the introduction of this algorithm has severely penalised many affiliate sites who have previously used non-ethical SEO methods to market their websites. This is simple to avoid and you can start right now.

Learn SEO

1. What is Search?

2. Introduction to Search Engines

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