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One Way TrafficI am currently looking at the layout of my Naturally Grown affiliate site and trying to make improvements.

The site is performing well but I want more from it. As an Internet Marketer it is important that you do not fall victim to complacency and especially when you are just starting out. Your first sale will be a great feeling, so by all means take a second to give yourself a well deserved pat on the back, but make sure it is only a second because it is now that the real hard work begins.

Get in to the habit of questioning yourself on a daily basis, by this I do not mean in a negative way such as:

  • Is this project worthwhile?
  • Am I wasting my time?

These questions may pop up from time to time but when they do, and they will; you need to be ready to smash them out of the park…I’m not going to give you tips on how to do this because everyone’s motivation is different, some people need an E-Hug from time to time and some just need to have something to eat. Personally I only ever seem to have these notions when I am hungry so a good meal usually fixes things :)

The questions I am referring to are along the following lines and are positive in nature:

  • Could my site be better?
  • Could I add more value to my site?
  • What if I did this?
  • How can I improve the customer experience?

Keeping yourself on your toes will keep you interested. I have had sites where the only thing I did was wake up, check my overnight AdSense figures and affiliate earnings, get disheartened by the poor returns and log off, trust me, this is a bad cycle to get in to and one which I believe many people are doing.

If you feel compelled to check your figures / emails 100 times a day then fair enough, I know I do; but what I have been doing lately is giving myself a reason to check them:

  • Create a new Adwords Ad
  • Change a layout
  • Change your Ad positions
  • Connect with other people

Anything to spark your interest and keep you coming back for more.

The layout change I have recently made can be seen in the following screenshots:

Naturally Grown - Original Layout

Naturally Grown – Original Layout

Above is the old style layout. And below is the new style Layout. I think the new style looks a lot better and will present more products to the customer when they first enter the page. Remember, first impressions!

Naturally Grown - New Layout

Naturally Grown – New Layout

So that’s pretty much it for this post. I will let you know how the new layout is performing soon.

If you take only 1 thing away from this post then let it be the following:

While it is important to ensure that your visitors keep coming back for more, it is even more important that you make yourself want to come back for more. Too many people lose interest in their own projects because they went stale. Do not let that happen to you and #keepmovingforward

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