Just not enough hours in the day

Decisions-and-ConfusionIt has been quite a while since I last posted on The SEO Experiment and I can assure you that is not through lack of interest or “getting bored of your blog syndrome”. Quite the opposite really, I have simply been too busy with web projects and there are just not enough hours in the day!

The main objective of The SEO Experiment is to make money on the internet so over the last few weeks, rather than just talk about it, I have been working pretty hard to get a few new projects up and running.

I have been working on 3 new projects in particular and I do not mind sharing 2 of them on The SEO Experiment, I would happily share the third project with you and will at a later date but I made a promise to myself that I would not monetise or promote the site until I had reached a certain point. This project is a little different to all of my others in the fact that I do not not really care about making money and want to focus more on providing value to my readers. Don’t get me wrong, it will be monetised at some point but for now, the goal is to purely to create great content. Watch out for more news on my mystery project!

Anyway, that’s enough about what I am not prepared to share with you, so let’s move on to something that I am.

Angry Birds Revealed

In my last post, Taking on the Angry Birds - I revealed how I had started creating 3 Star Walkthroughs for the popular game, Angry Birds. It is something that I have wanted to do for a long time and finally got round to doing it. The plan was to create 40 videos, upload them to YouTube and see if there was any traction and potential in the project.

Over the last 3 weeks, I have created over 100 more of these videos and have decided to give my full attention the project. So far, the most of the work has gone in to creating the videos but I have started to build the associated website which can be found by clicking this link. It is not as aesthetically pleasing as I would like but once, the videos have been created (obviously a never ending task and still hundreds more to create) I can work on the site more. All in all, it has been an enjoyable project to work on and something that I will talk about with increased regularity on The SEO Experiment. Watch out for more on this one!

The Watch Depot 

The Watch Depot started out after I got an uplift affiliate commission from Amazon which I did not expect.

I have got several sites out there which utilise the Amazon affiliate scheme and they all plug together to make me a regular some of money. One thing that always stands out to me about my current sites is that the value of the products I promote are relatively low. In the past I have always had the mentality of “sell more lower priced items” but as I am getting better at actually converting the sale, I thought I would venture into a few more higher priced items.

So back to my original statement, a few weeks ago, I logged in to my Amazon Associates account to find that I had been awarded commission for a £500+ watch. Obviously I was extremely pleased about this but my first thought was how it had individually made more money than most of my sites combined for that month and that it would not take a great deal of time to create a website which specialised in selling watches. Long story short, I spent about a week (few hours each evening between actual day job work :( and playing Angry Birds) to put together the foundations of a website for Buying Watches which can be seen by clicking the link.

Other Bits and Pieces

Most people enjoy helping others and I am no exception,  maybe a little too enthusiastic to the point where it detracts me from my own work but that’s life, never change who you are because it’s just the way it is.

Over the last month I have been carrying out a few Random Acts of Kindness. No incentives, no fees just plain old, helping out! I have created 5 company logos, designed a prototype Ebook cover, provided editorial and design for an online magazine and built an entire website in Photoshop as a favour. I am not going to share examples of the work I did as it would be promoting and that is not why I did it: I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed working on these projects and took a great sense of achievement and satisfaction from helping others. So whatever your talent is (and yes, we all have one) help someone out by putting it to use for their benefit, it is a great way to make new relationships and give something back.

Anyway, got to dash…Busy Busy Busy!




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