Getting Started

Today is a brand new day

What would you do if you had the time to do the things in life which made you happy?

My name is Paul Hill and I am the creator of The SEO Experiment, about a year ago I started to want more from life. I do not have an inspiring story to tell, nor was I forced into making things happen because of my financial situation. I am just an ordinary guy who one day decided; “I want to spend more time at home with my family” since then I have been working towards the mythical wonder which others seem to call a passive income.

A passive income is a system of automation which generates revenue without need of interaction. If that sounds too good to be true then that’s because it is. I am going to warn you now, This process is anything but passive! The last 6 months of my life have been hectic and I do not see that changing in the near future. What I am doing though is trying to put a mechanism in place which allows me to make my own choices in life.

At 28 years old, I am far too young to retire, nor would I want to – it would drive me insane. What I am trying to achieve is a life where I am in control, a life where I want to work and not because I have to, a life where I can take a week off to spend time with the kids and not worry about loss of earnings. I am not talking about becoming a millionaire, I want to be able to earn my current salary but on my own terms. I do not think that is too much to ask and I am going to do all that I can to make it happen. This is not a get rich quick scheme or something that will happen over night, it is a long term project where you get out what you put in.

If this makes any form of sense or sounds appealing to you then roll up your sleeves and let’s get started.

The method I am going to use sounds pretty simple. The image below pretty much outlines my intentions far easier than I could ever explain:

Project Outline

One of the very first things I read when starting out on this quest was one of the simplest business models you can think of and yet it has stuck with me all this time. It was in a book called Get Out While You Can – Escape The Rat Race by George Marshall. The part which caught my attention discussed the £1 a day mechanism. Create a website which earns you at least £1 per day, everyday (sounds easy right…let’s see how you get on). once this has been achieved you are free to move on to the next website and hopefully do the same again. It will not take your brain long to start ticking over and you will think to yourself, If I can make 10 of these websites then that is £3,650 per year, and that is just at £1 per day, how about if it was £2, £5 or £10.

Patience is a virtue

At risk of trying to run before you can walk, it is time to take a bit of a reality check. I have been creating websites for about a year now and have only just started making a consistent return on a few of my websites. It has taken a hell of a lot of time and even more effort. I am by no means an expert when it comes to SEO or web design but I am determined and very persistent. I truthfully believe that I can make this work, or anyone for that matter with the right attitude and levels of commitment.

Anyway I think I have rabitted on for long enough now, it’s time to tell you what you need to do.

Once again, I am going to let my picture paint my thousand words

A Pasive Website Model

So lets just take a few minutes to discuss my Passive Website Model. In the simplest possible way, if you create an Internet presence, establish a revenue source and drive customers to it, you do not even need to be awake to earn from it. Where high street shops need to be physically open to sell items you can be working on your next project, playing golf or spending times with your children. This is where the passive element of this process starts to work in your favour.

For me the process has three distinct elements which are going to be the main focus of The SEO Experiment; the three elements combine to  make a tripod; take just one of them away and the whole process falls over:

  1. Create a Website – The entire process revolves around the fact that you have a website. Regardless of the technology used to create it or the subject matter, you will need a focal point for the whole world to see, this is your customer interface, your shop window if you like.
  2. Monetise the Website - Your website needs to have a monetisation element to it, there are many ways to monetise a website which we will discuss later. This is the main event. The reason why we are doing this is to make money, yes we want to provide something of worth and create something to be proud of but it’s all about the bottom line.
  3. Drive traffic to the Website – No traffic means no sales. This is going to be the hardest and most time consuming element to the whole process. The race for the number 1 spot on Google is fierce within any market be it niche or not. We are going to be exploring a wide range of tactics to ensure maximum market exposure.

There is a lot to take in there and hopefully you can appreciate that this is not going to be an overnight success.

The SEO Experiment Resources

To aid and accompany you through your journey, The SEO Experiment provides a wide range of resources on all 3 of the steps outlined above.

Visit the following links and start your project today

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