Don’t be too quick to throw your Spam away

Can Spam be your firendI am not advocating the use as spam for one minute as a good way to self promote your business, nor do I participate in such link building schemes, but recently I have been spending a bit of time actually looking through the mountains of Spam which I receive on a daily basis. I am not talking about the free Ipad or the You have won a holidays but more specifically, the relentless wave of comments which I receive on my WordPress websites from individuals using blog commenting software in an attempt to gain backlinks. This thought first occurred to me when I started receiving a large amount of “spammy comments” on a relatively new niche website that I had created.

Spam Comments

Knowing a little about some of the software used to make these comments, I knew that something or someone was finding my site. Regardless of the search criteria used or the particular key phrase involved, my site was being found. What was more interesting to me that some of the spam comments were actually contextually relevant to my site. A few in fact have provided me with pretty good long tail keywords to focus Internet Marketing towards.

I have spam filters on my websites and email accounts but every now and again I will turn them off to see what I am being bombarded with. Aside from the Blog comments, I like to see what tactics other Internet Marketers are using to lure potential customers in, 99.9% of these messages are absolute drivel. It baffles me sometimes to think that someone has paid money for software which will trawl the Internet for potential leads and they waste it by sending out badly worded, misspelled garbage. There is at time though, occasions when an email will catch my eye, I would never use any of these methods, but I can take a step back and kind of admire someone for their initiative, however misguided it may be.

That is pretty much all I wanted to say on this matter, it does not warrant much time or effort just to say that there is a positive to getting “spammed”, a very small positive yet positive nonetheless. The way I think of spam is like when you see a chef on television using every last bit of the animal, don’t rush to throw these things away just because every instinct and convention tells you to discard it without question.


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