Currnet Niche Projects

This page will be used to display the current Niche Projects currently being driven by The SEO Experiment.

Current Projects:




The UK Martial Arts Project - The UK Martial Arts Project is currently the main focus of The SEO Experiment.

The UK Martial Arts project consists of two websites:

  1. UK Martial Arts Finder - An online directory of Martial Arts clubs and classes in the UK. Currently the directory contains nearly 2000 listings and utilises the Directorypress WordPress theme. Revenue sources come from Affiliate Marketing and AdSense
  2. UK Martial Arts Shop - An online store which specialises in supplying Martial Arts supplies and equipment. The main revenue source will be Amazon affiliate marketing along with AdSense.


Staffordshire Fitness Logo




Staffordshire Fitness - My very first monetised website. Not on the same scale as The UK Martial Arts Project but not too dissimilar. Staffordshire Fitness is a free to list directory of fitness locations in my home county, Staffordshire.

The only monetisation opportunity on this website is Google AdSense. SEO and a small amount of Internet Marketing in operation. The site is about 10 months old and ranks very well for targeted keywords.

1. Project Overview



Naturally Grown Logo




Naturally Grown is an online store for Gardening supplies and Equipment. It is built upon Shopperpress and monetisation comes in the form of AdSense and affiliate marketing. It is very similar in operation to the UKMA shop but operates within a different market.

All of the tips and advice surrounding this website will be purely marketing and advertisement based.