Create your Website

Your website is the vehicle which will drive you towards success. Like actual vehicles, they come in all shapes and sizes and are capable of many different tasks.

At The SEO Experiment our goal is to monetise websites and a produce a methodology for others to emulate. This includes providing an online facility to learn the basics of web design.

The first website I created was written in HTML4 using notepad. Whenever I am asked “what is the best way to learn web design” I always suggest this method; it teaches you basic HTML syntax and it also formulates the sound understanding needed to progress into advanced web design technologies.

The last website I created (including this one) was created using WordPress, a fully customisable content management system. The ease of use and accessible format makes it a great way to create websites for monetisation purposes.

My online learning facility will focus on both, HTML coded websites and WordPress. I will also provide the tips and advice I have learnt along my journey through web design.

Web Design Basics

Learn HTML

Learn WordPress

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Installing WordPress
  • WordPress Themes
  • Tips, Tricks & Advice

As an additional supplement I will provide an insight into graphic design and digital art. Regardless of your preferred software, producing good quality graphics and imagery is an essential part to web design and in my opinion one of the key areas where other Internet Marketers fall way short.

Additional Material

  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Creating images in Photoshop
  • Tips, Tricks & Advice

All of the techniques and methods described on this website adhere to industry standards. While I am predominantly trying to create a monetisation methodology I will always ensure best practice implementation.