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NotebookIt’s Back to school for me now!

This week I have enrolled myself on to a new Distance Learning Course. CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing. The course is approved by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), the world’s leading community of marketing professionals.

I am taking this course to add a little professional accreditation to my expanding portfolio of digital marketing. It is my intention to steer my career towards Marketing over the next few years, the goal is still a passive income but should that fall on stony ground, I have this to fall back on and the qualification may open a few doors for me.

As described on the CIM official website, the outline of the course is as follows:

This dynamic qualification will provide you with knowledge underpinning the principles of digital marketing and skills to undertake digital marketing planning.

 The qualification covers Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), types of online advertising, email marketing, viral marketing, online PR, affiliate marketing and social media. It also looks at digital metrics, legislation, regulation  and codes of practice.                   

You will have the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge to understand the fundamental planning concepts for an online organisation as well as key factors in implementation, measurement and evaluation of successful campaigns.                   

Digital marketing has evolved from a peripheral element of organisational marketing to one which is at the hub of customer-centric communications in an increasingly multi-channel environment. Our qualifications will ensure that you are equipped to deal with this shift and make the most of the new business opportunities on offer.

Coming from an IT background, I am well aware that a qualification does not entitle you to a job, it is your experience and achievements which are most important. The SEO Experiment continues to be my main priority and something which will run hand in hand with this course. Each will compliment the other and allow me to put theory into practice on a regular basis.

All of my progress through the course will be documented through The SEO Experiment.

First assignment due 27th December so better get started, Is that the school bell?


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