A Line in the Sand

The Start of my ProjectLast night I took a huge step in progressing my first online project!

I uploaded over 1,800 listings into my UK Martial Arts Finder and have made a significant start in adding content to my website. The idea is to create a directory of all known Martial Arts clubs and classes throughout the United Kingdom. Over the last few months I have been working extremely hard to develop this venture and I am now at a point where I can start to think about Internet Marketing, and focus on driving traffic towards this specific project. The hard work is by no means over and in real terms it has only just begun but I now feel like I can finally start to bring this idea to life!

As I mentioned earlier, I have been working on this site for a few months now. After almost scrapping the whole idea I am now at a point where the idea I had has now transitioned into reality. I am drawing a line in the sand today and saying that all of the work I will carry out on this website is with intent to increase search engine rankings, drive traffic and increase revenue!

Let the Games Begin

Over the next few weeks and even months I will be working on multiple areas of my project; the main ones being:

  • Keyword Research and SEO
  • Traffic Acquisition & Analysis
  • Monetisation Optimisation – not sure if this is even a real term but it sounds quite sophisticated

I will be posting continual updates of my progress including any major decisions made along the way.

Keyword Research & SEO

Currently I have not made any attempts to increase rankings for any given keyword or phrase. The majority of my pages do not even contain meta tags such as title, keywords or description. This in itself goes against anything that you will ever read in any post or forum promoting Internet marketing or niche projects, I may even regret it myself but I am not too concerned at present. My main goal initially was to generate the content for my site; with this complete I am now able to pay closer attention to.

There is a kind of method in my madness, now I am not that cavalier to simply think that my way is the right way and it will definitely work, I more than except that it might not, so let me explain my way of thinking. What I have done is created 1,800 pages within my website all targeted around a similar theme. I have installed analytics software to track impressions and visits to my site and after even only 1 day I am starting to see real results opposed to theories generated from software. I am going to closely monitor this situation over the next few weeks and will use the results from this exercise to focus short, but mainly long tail keyword marketing campaigns. I dont think that this method is anything ground breaking but I have never read anything to suggest that anybody else has used this approach, time will only tell of it’s success but I know I will feel more comfortable working towards something which is based on facts and data from my actual site.

Traffic Acquisition & Analysis

How can I get more traffic? has got to be one of the most asked questions on the Internet. I am going to be spending a great deal of time investigating traffic acquisition and the best ways to achieve this. I am currently looking into backlink building strategies and while it is plain to see that they work, and work well, I am a little tentative about implementing them. There will be more to come on this but I have a few decisions to make on this one. For those who will be following the progress of this project, I am not good at making decisions quickly. Fact!

I am also going to be looking into list building. The research I have carried out for this project to date has provided me with a very good foundation to build upon, I am currently investigating the best way to use this list, so again,  watch this space.

Monetisation Optimisation

I am currently utilising Google AdSense and Affiliate programmes to generate revenue from my Martial Arts Finder. I am going to be monitoring their success with a close eye. I will be doing my up most to continuously improve click through rates (ctr) and product commissions.

That is pretty much it for this post. I know that it has not been hugely informative but I feel like I have hit a milestone on my journey towards a passive income. For some reason, if this site does become successful I will always remember this point as being the start of it all. Forget the domain registration and the hours mind mapping subject matter, finally my website is up and running. It is real. I assure you this is a good feeling!

Current time of writing, It is my 28th birthday tomorrow…I am very excited to think that this year could be the year


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