How to get more views for your YouTube videos – Part 1

Littlefoot on YoutubeHow to get more YouTube Views

With over 800 million unique visitors watching over 4 billion hours’ worth of content each month, YouTube is one of the most popular websites across the globe and a platform which simply cannot be ignored if you want to take your online business to the next level. You have seen some of the success stories on YouTube which have literally; exploded on to the global stage and you want in.

Now it is not as easy as uploading a video and waiting for it to go viral, you only need to look at the stats at the beginning of this post to realise that you are competing on a worldwide stage. In such an overpopulated arena, it is extremely difficult to stand out from the crowd so you have got to play the game smart and realise that the best content does not always receive the most views; take Gangnam Style for instance, it is essentially just some guy pretending he is on a horse yet staggeringly, it has received over 1 billion views and even some of the video responses have upwards of 50 million views. Actually, that might not be the best example because I quite like the video but I think you know what I am trying to say…

Ok, so let’s assume that you have not just uploaded the next “Charlie bit my finger” and that you do not already have thousands of subscribers to your channel; so how do you get more YouTube views and what do you do next? You believe your content to be good but you are not getting any traction from the site. This should not deter you from realising your true potential; as said by Anton Ego in Ratatouille “Not everyone can become a great artist; but a great artist can come from anywhere” and for me, that is what YouTube is all about, providing a platform for anyone to make their mark on the world, providing they know how to play the game.

This post, or series of posts, is all about getting more YouTube views to your videos. In part 1, I am going to be outlining some of the known techniques and strategies for getting more views for your videos as well as adding my own opinion as to how things should be done. Part 2 is going to be more of a real-time case study where I am going to provide actual data and statistics from one of my own videos which I will be trying to market for the purpose of this experiment.

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My Google Adwords Experiment

Google AdWords CampaignIn an earlier post , I mentioned how I had received a £75 voucher for use within Google AdWords and intended to use it to promote my Martial Arts Equipment website. Receiving this voucher prompted me to explore the world of Pay per Click (PPC) marketing and I would now like to share some I my findings with you.

As with most things I do, this experiment soon transcended past the realms of my initial intentions and on to something slightly different, still centred around Google AdWords, the following actions have been undertaken whilst working on a different affiliate site of mine,

Before starting the campaign I had a clear set of questions which I hoped would be answered, the main ones being:

  • Does PPC work within an Affiliate / AdSense environment?
  • How do you create a good Ad?
  • Are my landing pages converting successfully?
  • Am I targeting the right keywords?
  • How much traffic would I get if I ranked organically?

For the remainder of this post I will be trying to answer these questions to the best of my ability as well as providing you with as much value as I possibly can from my own experiences.

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The Best Spinner – Introduction

Creating unique content is an essential element to website promotion and Internet Marketing. The Best Spinner is a piece of software which will save you a great deal of time by allowing you to create several  unique versions of your original article at the push of a button.

If you are using Article Marketing to promote your website, this is an extremely valuable tool to have in your locker!

Check out my latest video which shows you how you can achieve this. It is that easy, anyone can do it!

The UKMA Finder – Backlinking Strategy part 3

Final Piece of the PuzzleSo this is the last piece of the backlinking puzzle and although it is possibly the simplest step, it is probably the most important.

In part 2 of my backlinking strategy, I provided you with some information on why I have created filter websites; just to recap, filter websites are used to create a buffer between your backlinking strategy and your main website. Creating hundreds of hyperlinks over a short space of time is not going to do you any favours with search engines so by adding in this layer you are creating a system which sits somewhere in the middle of SEO friendly and link building strategy.

Now that we have our filter layer in place, it is time to start linking to your main site, I will be providing a list of dos and donts at the end of this post but it is important that you do not create too many links all at once. Doing this will negate the effort you have put in to build this link building machine.

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The UKMA Finder – Backlinking Strategy part 1

Backlinking ImageIn this post I am going to share with you, the backlinking strategy I will be using to promote my Martial Arts directory.

Backlinking is the process of creating a hyperlink which is directed at your content from another website. The influence of Backlinks is a widely debated topic within the world of SEO and is constantly changing as search engine algorithms evolve. My stance on the whole backlinking topic is that although I have experienced major placement increases as a result of targeted backlinks; it must and should not be abused. There is no doubt that back links are a huge ranking factor for major search engines, none more so than Google; but recent algorithm updates such as Panda and Penguin have confirmed that Google are becoming wise to backlink abuse and you will do well to proceed with extreme caution. You do not want to wake up one morning to find your internet presence has all but disappeared as many internet marketers have experienced recently as a result of algorithm updates.

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