My Google Adwords Experiment

Google AdWords CampaignIn an earlier post , I mentioned how I had received a £75 voucher for use within Google AdWords and intended to use it to promote my Martial Arts Equipment website. Receiving this voucher prompted me to explore the world of Pay per Click (PPC) marketing and I would now like to share some I my findings with you.

As with most things I do, this experiment soon transcended past the realms of my initial intentions and on to something slightly different, still centred around Google AdWords, the following actions have been undertaken whilst working on a different affiliate site of mine,

Before starting the campaign I had a clear set of questions which I hoped would be answered, the main ones being:

  • Does PPC work within an Affiliate / AdSense environment?
  • How do you create a good Ad?
  • Are my landing pages converting successfully?
  • Am I targeting the right keywords?
  • How much traffic would I get if I ranked organically?

For the remainder of this post I will be trying to answer these questions to the best of my ability as well as providing you with as much value as I possibly can from my own experiences.

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Shopperpress – Importing Amazon Products

One of the best features about the Shopperpress WordPress theme is the ability to import multiple products from Amazon at the click of a button.

Amazon is a household name, its reputation as an online seller is second to none and it makes great sense as an internet marketer to make the most of this.

The following video shows how easy it is to add  Amazon products in to your Shopperpress website: