How to get more views for your YouTube videos – Part 1

Littlefoot on YoutubeHow to get more YouTube Views

With over 800 million unique visitors watching over 4 billion hours’ worth of content each month, YouTube is one of the most popular websites across the globe and a platform which simply cannot be ignored if you want to take your online business to the next level. You have seen some of the success stories on YouTube which have literally; exploded on to the global stage and you want in.

Now it is not as easy as uploading a video and waiting for it to go viral, you only need to look at the stats at the beginning of this post to realise that you are competing on a worldwide stage. In such an overpopulated arena, it is extremely difficult to stand out from the crowd so you have got to play the game smart and realise that the best content does not always receive the most views; take Gangnam Style for instance, it is essentially just some guy pretending he is on a horse yet staggeringly, it has received over 1 billion views and even some of the video responses have upwards of 50 million views. Actually, that might not be the best example because I quite like the video but I think you know what I am trying to say…

Ok, so let’s assume that you have not just uploaded the next “Charlie bit my finger” and that you do not already have thousands of subscribers to your channel; so how do you get more YouTube views and what do you do next? You believe your content to be good but you are not getting any traction from the site. This should not deter you from realising your true potential; as said by Anton Ego in Ratatouille “Not everyone can become a great artist; but a great artist can come from anywhere” and for me, that is what YouTube is all about, providing a platform for anyone to make their mark on the world, providing they know how to play the game.

This post, or series of posts, is all about getting more YouTube views to your videos. In part 1, I am going to be outlining some of the known techniques and strategies for getting more views for your videos as well as adding my own opinion as to how things should be done. Part 2 is going to be more of a real-time case study where I am going to provide actual data and statistics from one of my own videos which I will be trying to market for the purpose of this experiment.

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Keep Moving Forward

One Way TrafficI am currently looking at the layout of my Naturally Grown affiliate site and trying to make improvements.

The site is performing well but I want more from it. As an Internet Marketer it is important that you do not fall victim to complacency and especially when you are just starting out. Your first sale will be a great feeling, so by all means take a second to give yourself a well deserved pat on the back, but make sure it is only a second because it is now that the real hard work begins.

Get in to the habit of questioning yourself on a daily basis, by this I do not mean in a negative way such as:

  • Is this project worthwhile?
  • Am I wasting my time?

These questions may pop up from time to time but when they do, and they will; you need to be ready to smash them out of the park…I’m not going to give you tips on how to do this because everyone’s motivation is different, some people need an E-Hug from time to time and some just need to have something to eat. Personally I only ever seem to have these notions when I am hungry so a good meal usually fixes things :)

The questions I am referring to are along the following lines and are positive in nature:

  • Could my site be better?
  • Could I add more value to my site?
  • What if I did this?
  • How can I improve the customer experience?

Keeping yourself on your toes will keep you interested. I have had sites where the only thing I did was wake up, check my overnight AdSense figures and affiliate earnings, get disheartened by the poor returns and log off, trust me, this is a bad cycle to get in to and one which I believe many people are doing.

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Pareto Principle: The 80/20 Rule

Pareto Principle: The 80/20 RuleThe Pareto Principle

Recently I have started reading The 4-Hour Work Week, A life design and self-improvement guide by Timothy Ferris and advocate of the Pareto Principle. The further you get into Internet Marketing and the whole “Passive Income” thing, the harder it gets to avoid this book.

For me, I have been aware of this book for about 8 months. I first heard about it when trawling through Pat Flynn’s website Smart Passive Income. A super cool website and ridiculously successful, the Smart Passive Income blog was pretty much where it all started for me and the main reason I decided to give this a go. I hope that I get to thank Pat Flynn for his tips and advice one day, it can be pretty tough starting out in this industry, time and time again you will feel like pulling the plug but sometimes, all you need is a podcast from someone who has walked this road before you to convince you to keep going.

As an Internet Marketer you will read about numerous individuals who have found success in their chosen field, when I read about such people, apart from being super impressed by their motivation, dedication and creativity, I like to think that I am heading in the same direction but just taking a bit longer to get there ( a late starter if you like). As you set out on your journey, I think it is very important that you read as many success stories as you can, not only will this open your eyes to a wider range of ways to make money on the internet, it will also show you the things that have worked for others, the things that did not and the things you should avoid at all cost.

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My UltraNiche Website

Niche Project

I have recently been working on one of my so called Niche websites, Naturally Grown, when it suddenly occurred to me that it is not a Niche at all. To me, the term Niche suggests there is a business opportunity to capitalise on a gap in the market.

Naturally Grown is by no means a niche website; there are hundreds if not thousands of Gardening stores scattered about and even more pet shops. So what is the point I hear you ask…I will be honest, I have asked myself the same question about this site on more than one occasion but recent events have led me to believe that there is a purpose for this site and that I can turn it in to something profitable.

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Rabbit Hutches, Shopperpress and Longtail Keywords

Shopperpress WordPress ThemeAs I have mentioned in many of my previous posts, several of my niche websites have been built using the Shopperpress WordPress theme. Shopperpress offers an online shopping cart facility which can be used to sell digital and physical products. The theme offers extremely high customisation and a great API to automatically import affiliate products directly in to your site.

I could literally go on and on about the cool features within this theme, however I want to discuss something specific within this post and that is Longtail Keywords.

What are Longtail Keywords

If you are not familiar with longtail keywords then here is a quick overview and example to explain.

If, like me, you maintain a website which promotes Martial Arts Equipment you will find that the keyphrase “Martial Arts Equipment”  is extremely competitive and takes a lot of work to rank highly due to the amount of competition in the market. One way to make avenues in to this market is by using longtail keywords. One of the most successful products on my Martial Arts website is a set of Ladies Pink Muay Thai Ankle Supports, I have highlighted this specific term beacause this is the search criteria used by customers to find the product on my page. That there is your longtail keyword. In essence a longtail keyword is an extension of your main keyword set, yes it will attract less traffic, but reduced competition means that you will be able to compete for it more easily, especially when your site is in its infancy.

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Don’t be too quick to throw your Spam away

Can Spam be your firendI am not advocating the use as spam for one minute as a good way to self promote your business, nor do I participate in such link building schemes, but recently I have been spending a bit of time actually looking through the mountains of Spam which I receive on a daily basis. I am not talking about the free Ipad or the You have won a holidays but more specifically, the relentless wave of comments which I receive on my WordPress websites from individuals using blog commenting software in an attempt to gain backlinks. This thought first occurred to me when I started receiving a large amount of “spammy comments” on a relatively new niche website that I had created.

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